Giannis Kontos

A photograph is alive; it has an animation all of its own, intertwined with the life of the beholder, like a gold coin, a piece of crystal, a glove. [Andreas Ebirikos]

I was born in 1991 in Sifnos Island. My parents, my mother a decorator and my father a cameraman, raised me in an environment where each object had a life of its own and it was telling you a story its own. Although I did not get involved with photography until 2011, from early on I was seeing the world with the individual, different way I perceive things, searching for the story every single subject wanted to tell. Imprinting on paper what I saw using photography, was the natural progression and it came effortlessly.

The first time I got my hands on a camera I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph, what I needed to transfer to print. The rest, learning the capabilities of each camera and acquiring the necessary equipment, came later. But for me, the camera does not have the leading part in photography. The chief role lies with the subject. It is the subject that talks to me and tells me what it is, what it has been through. The camera is simply a tool that helps me capture what I detect...

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